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The InGaNious project targets the development of advanced red, green, and blue microLEDs for the display market. Based on strain relaxed InGaN platelet technology, we offer high efficiency microLEDs with pixel size all the way down to below 1µm on Si wafers ideally suited for AR/VR/MR applications as well as HUDs, smart watch and mobile phone displays.

The technology drastically lowers dislocation densities and removes the need for damaging plasma etching processes that that otherwise lowers efficiency drastically as pixel size is scaled below 10µm. The technology works on both sapphire and Si wafers and is fully compatible with conventional epitaxy equipment and standard  LED processing technologies.

Grant Agreement Number: 190127219

eleGaNt aims at developing a high quality planar GaN material for the power electronics markets through advanced nanowire technology addressing the shortcomings of conventional GaN platforms.

The technology drastically lowers dislocation densities that typically prevents high voltage operation and causes high leakage currents which limits energy efficiency. Further, the technology enables thick crack-free layers and thereby enables vertical architectures and thus addresses high power segments where to date only the cost inefficient SiC is used.

Grant Agreement Number: 872737

Grant Agreement Number: 101007229

Grant Agreement Number: 826392


Partner in pre-processing & electrical characterization

Swedish Center of Excellence on III-Nitrides

Partner in pre-processing and EU project YesVGaN

Partner in material characterization

Partner in electrical characterization

Investor in Hexagem